OKOMMERCE has a modular structure where there are separate modules for every function making managing your ecommerce store much easier and in an efficient manner. There won't be any need for third party module integrations as it has all the necessary ecommerce features built-in. It will help you ease the sales process and helps you in achieving your business target with its robust set of modules as listed below. Moreover we can customize OKOMMERCE to align with your requirements.


The customer module allows you to manage all your customers in one place. Sort customers into various groups to prioritize and identify the most profitable customers.

  • Customer dashboard to monitor your customer acquisition
  • Build in CRM
  • Customer category
  • Customer pointing system based on different parametre
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Keep track of the orders and transactions via the sales module. Filter orders on the basis of orders accepted, shipped, packed, sent to delivery agents, failed, returned, and more.

  • Track all Orders and Sales Transactions.
  • Actions on each orders
  • Change Order Status in bulk
  • Status can be customized according to the need
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Access all supplier details in this module. Add suppliers along with their relevant details and ratings and access billing agreements.

  • Suppliers have a separate access to manage their shop.
  • Suppliers can manage their products stock
  • Dashboard overview of their orders,products and sales
  • They can check orders related to their Shop
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Can Integrate third party Delivery Companies or your own delivery agents, and manage their scheduling.

  • Option for delivery agent
  • Day wise delivery monitor
  • Option for delivery company
  • Unlimited agent and delivery company can be added
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A Feature rich Catalog module, which provides the functionality for creating and maintaining products, attributes and categories.

  • Multilevel product catalog
  • Bidding or auction Features
  • Multiple types of product (Physical Product, Services, Digital Product etc)
  • Request for Quotation
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Manage the sales from stores from our POS module, ecommerce and store sales integrated directly to one single platform.

  • manage in-store sales from the same platform with the POS module
  • Supports any pos system, scanner, printers, cash registers etc
  • Manage in-store inventory and online inventory from a single platform
  • In store employees can access only in-store products and features from the platform (multiple access roles)
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Store & Inventory

Create and manage multiple stores with dedicated or shared inventory for each store from a single platform.

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Customer Support

Easily manage tickets and queries raised by customers from our easy to use Customer Support module.

  • View and take actions on tickets raised by customers
  • Customers get notified by email for ticket resolution
  • View and reply on refund requests
  • Wide range of support features
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Bespoke marketing tools which is tailor made for ecommerce and for larger consumer reach

  • Various marketing tools built-in to reach more potential customers
  • Gift voucher and gift cart features
  • Newsletter and bulk email feature
  • Loyalty features to target regular customers
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Extensive Reporting for Sales, Products, Customers, Orders etc based on your requirements

  • Wide range of Reports available which includes Sales, Customers, Vendors, Orders, Products etc
  • Reports can be downloaded and saved in desired format
  • Reports can be generated based on date range
  • Dashboard to display an overview of all reports
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Easily manage content across the platform with our easy to use content management system.

  • Easy content management for all pages across the site without any coding knowledge
  • Arrange blocks and sections across pages
  • Upload or choose images , videos in any content placeholder
  • Manage content for every languages available in the website from one section
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Popular Payment options are built-in along with Wallet system, for easy and safe transactions

  • Easy wallet payment option built-in
  • Refund or return orders' amount will be stored in customer's wallet
  • Wallet top up and use whenever required
  • Club wallet when other payment option while purchasing a product
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Auction and bidding modules allow your user to participate in bidding. It is very simple and easy to configure.

  • Auction module to handle all bidding products and services
  • Set deadline for placing bids
  • Can set threshold amount , only once winning bid reaches threshold amount the product gets sold
  • Select winner, stop bidding, set increment amount, etc, all in one section
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Instead of showing the price quotation module allow the user to request for a price.

  • Products can be set for custom requirements, the price for such products depends on the requirement.
  • Once product is selected , customers have to type in their requirements or select their requirements and wait, seller will respond to this request with a quotation from admin panel
  • Manage quotation for such products, reach out to customers and inform them via email
  • Can handle B2B type quotation system also.
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Chanel Sell

Using okommerce you can sell directly to different channels like Amazon, noon etc.

  • Sell/link products through Amazon or other popular e-commerce
  • Select specific products or services to be included in the feed and these products can be uploaded and sold via popular e-commerce store like Amazon
  • Generate XML feed to upload to Amazon or other e-commerce platform to generate leads and sales
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Service Agent

Service agent modules help you to run service business with your own manpower.

  • Services can be sold through the system, services will be linked to service agents
  • Service agents can perform actions depending on the status of the services
  • When booking happens, service agents will be notified
  • Services agents can have mobile applications which can be linked to the system.
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