Resources - Version 1

This is the first version of the enterprise e-commerce platform Okommerce released in January 2018. The platform has 16 different modules, each serving a specific function. Together, they offer a powerful and robust system to efficiently manage your e-commerce solution.

Version: 1

OKommerce User Manual 


Welcome to the Okommerce user manual Version 1. Okommerce is an enterprise ecommerce platform that is designed to serve the needs of a large-scale online ecommerce store. Okommerce allows effortless management of multiple products of varying categories from different stores. 

Okommerce offers a powerful admin panel that allows complete control and management of your ecommerce store. With seamless API integration, you get limitless possibilities with Okommerce. 

Okommerce is multi in every aspect- this means you can manage multiple stores, catalogs, languages, price points, currencies, and shipments. Managing your ecommerce store has never been easier with the modular structure of Okommerce. 

There are separate modules for managing customers, sales, suppliers, deliveries, catalogs, POS, stores, inventories, marketing, report generation, content, wallets, quotation, and much more. 

This user manual will cover each module in a separate chapter and the instructions to perform a certain function or action. Appropriate images will be added to the instructions to make them even easier to understand and follow.

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